Sunday, May 4, 2008


No, not the one with Helen Hunt. This is the other tornado movie.

Jake Thorne. That's the name of the character Bruce plays. Jake Thorne. What a great soap-opera-ish name. Man chases storms and finds love? Bruce is part sexist-asshole and part winsome dreamer.


Yippee! Another Coen brothers' film!

Watch very, very carefully. In the cabin. The Swede is watching TV. The first time, you'll just hear a familiar voice. The second time, you'll see Bruce as he appeared in a made-in-Detroit soap opera. Pure cheese! Yum.

"Homicide: Life on the Street"

Guest star in 2 episodes: Justice Part 1 and 2. It was great to get to see this show again. I've missed it.

Bruce plays a cop gone bad---a little difficult for me to accept him in a dramatic role. I kept expecting something cheesy. Overall, he did well, just not what I'm used to seeing. And that's fine.

American Gothic: Meet the Beetles

One episode out of a short series that I understand is pretty good.

Mea culpa.....all I remember from this one is a wierd kid with a strong accent.

"Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman"

Pure cheese which is where Bruce is most at home. He plays a handsome, smarmy, self-obsessed bad guy. With a nice haircut!


(Had to skip The Demolitionist as I could not find it.)

I'll admit that I did not force myself to watch this one again. Watched this when it first came out...horrible!!!

The only reason we saw this movie was to see Bruce. Here's his part:

See Bruce run.
See Bruce run through jungle.
See Bruce get killed.

Wait 2 hours.

See Bruce's dead body again.

The Quick and The Dead

Bruce is not in this one, though he is credited as a fake shemp.

Enjoyable western with Sam Raimi's usual flairs. Good movie-maker, that one.

(Gotta keep these short as I am playing catchup. Also haven't seen these movies in a few months so the memories ain't so fresh.)

Sharon Stone as tough and vulnerable. Harvey Keitel as calculating and evil. And Lance! Oh dear Lance Henriksen. What a quirky character you are! And, of course, there's Leonardo DiCaprio playing a cocky kid.

4 stars for this one.