Sunday, May 4, 2008


No, not the one with Helen Hunt. This is the other tornado movie.

Jake Thorne. That's the name of the character Bruce plays. Jake Thorne. What a great soap-opera-ish name. Man chases storms and finds love? Bruce is part sexist-asshole and part winsome dreamer.


Yippee! Another Coen brothers' film!

Watch very, very carefully. In the cabin. The Swede is watching TV. The first time, you'll just hear a familiar voice. The second time, you'll see Bruce as he appeared in a made-in-Detroit soap opera. Pure cheese! Yum.

"Homicide: Life on the Street"

Guest star in 2 episodes: Justice Part 1 and 2. It was great to get to see this show again. I've missed it.

Bruce plays a cop gone bad---a little difficult for me to accept him in a dramatic role. I kept expecting something cheesy. Overall, he did well, just not what I'm used to seeing. And that's fine.

American Gothic: Meet the Beetles

One episode out of a short series that I understand is pretty good.

Mea culpa.....all I remember from this one is a wierd kid with a strong accent.

"Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman"

Pure cheese which is where Bruce is most at home. He plays a handsome, smarmy, self-obsessed bad guy. With a nice haircut!


(Had to skip The Demolitionist as I could not find it.)

I'll admit that I did not force myself to watch this one again. Watched this when it first came out...horrible!!!

The only reason we saw this movie was to see Bruce. Here's his part:

See Bruce run.
See Bruce run through jungle.
See Bruce get killed.

Wait 2 hours.

See Bruce's dead body again.

The Quick and The Dead

Bruce is not in this one, though he is credited as a fake shemp.

Enjoyable western with Sam Raimi's usual flairs. Good movie-maker, that one.

(Gotta keep these short as I am playing catchup. Also haven't seen these movies in a few months so the memories ain't so fresh.)

Sharon Stone as tough and vulnerable. Harvey Keitel as calculating and evil. And Lance! Oh dear Lance Henriksen. What a quirky character you are! And, of course, there's Leonardo DiCaprio playing a cocky kid.

4 stars for this one.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Brisco County Junior

Cheesy 1800's western with excellent references to the future. (My personal favorite is the whole riff on the Blimp.) Bruce is excellently cast as the rugged, good-looking, heart-of-gold character. He says his horseback riding in Army of Darkness helped him get cast for this role, but this time he had to REALLY learn how to ride.

You may recognize the theme music the next time you watch the Olympics. (No. It's not the “Olympic” theme, but the theme NBC has been using for the past few.)

My favorite supporting character: Pete. (Watch for that actor later...)

The Hudsucker Proxy

A Coen brothers film. Enjoy!

Bruce plays a fast talking reporter who gets smacked around by an even faster talking female reporter. Short appearance but fun. And a great, great movie.

Sure, sure.

Army of Darkness----at last!

Yeah. I've been away for awhile. I'm sure my reader will be glad I'm back. (Thanks for your patience, mom!)

This movie best watched with a rowdy group who already know the lines a la “Rocky Horror”.....

A few snipets:

King: “Are all men from the future such loud-mouth braggarts?!?”

Ash: “Nope. Just me, baby. Just me.”

Ash: “THIS is my BOOMSTICK!” (etc., etc., etc.)

“It's a trick. Get an ax!”

“You ain't got but two things: Jack and shit. And Jack left town.”


I especially enjoyed the series of zoom shots when creating Ash's metal hand.

Oh, and pay attention to Ted Raimi's FOUR roles in this movie.

A delight and a half.