Saturday, September 29, 2007

From "Oedipus Rex" to "The Evil Dead":

The first movie in Bruce's (can I call you Bruce?) repertoire that I was able to get was "The Evil Dead", but there were a few shorts made before that one. I should point out that I rely heavily on IMDB for movie listings. Bruce Campbell's website does provide an alphabetical listing of his movies but I am...well..."too lazy" to manually search for movies by date.

So.....according to IMDB, Bruce's first movie is listed as "Oedipus Rex" a student film directed by Josh Becker. Next is "It's Murder", a short directed by Sam Raimi. This was followed by "Within the Woods" which, if I remember correctly, was filmed to help raise money for the making of "The Evil Dead". Then there's "Shemp Eats the Moon" and "Torro. Torro. Torro!" If anyone knows where I can get these, please let me know.

I actually did not start this particular edition of "The Collected Works..." with "The Evil Dead" as I had already seen it numerous times, own a copy and have watched all the extras including the commentary, so I gave myself a pass. This movie gained after reading "The Evil Dead Companion" and learning the great amount of work that went into this movie. I learned a great deal (though I'm still no expert and barely qualify as an amateur) about sound, cameras, lighting, etc.

Synopsis: Bruce places "Ash" a timid man who, with his friends, unleashes the powers of darkness on the world. Everyone dies but him. Do I smell a sequel?

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