Sunday, September 30, 2007

"Thou Shalt Not Kill...Except" aka "Stryker's War"

15 seconds of Bruce doing the voice of a newscaster in this independent war/horror film about a group of marines from "the 'Nam" who come across a Manson-family style cult.

Am I committed to this game or what?

Bruce does an excellent commentary along with director Josh Becker. I highly recommend any commentary by Bruce. He's educational, intelligent and hi-larious.

Sam Raimi reportedly won a newly created award for "Worst Acting by a Director". He was definitely out there. His brother, Ted, appears twice but there's no way to know one of these appearances without the help of the commentary. 20 points if you spot him once, 50 if you spot him in both roles.

"Evil Dead" fans should notice an important prop that is reused in the main character's cabin. 35 points if you spot that.

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