Thursday, October 25, 2007


In which Bruce plays the "Final Shemp" (see "fake shemp")---he is the final face of Darkman in the movie. I enjoyed the dark, tortured look of Bruce's 10 seconds in the movie and found his appearance to blend smoothly with the atmosphere.

Keep comic books in mind when watching this movie. Yes, it has it's cheesy moments, but go with it. This movie is a comic book with elements of science fiction, comedy, action and love story. Frances McDormand and Liam Neeson give excellent performances. I'm also impressed by the actors who portray their characters as impersonated by Darkman.

Appearance by Ted Raimi who dies horribly. (A pattern?) I also suspect that one of the doctors in a scene is played by Ivan Raimi but am not sure as the part is not credited. (He sure looks like a Raimi---Ted is already dead and it ain't Sam.) Dan Hicks is an excellent hopping bad guy. Neal McDonough is credited as playing a dockworker but I missed him both times I watched this movie. Scott Spiegel also plays a dockworker whom I failed to identify. (He's listed that way in the credits.)

You've noticed by now in my posts that I reference many other actors than the featured one. In this case, it is because Bruce is part of a group of friends who frequently appear in or assist with each other's movies. I like that.

I enjoyed this movie enough to watch it twice this weekend. I'm only sorry that there wasn't a commentary.

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