Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Eddie Presley

Bruce is seen for just a few seconds as an asylum attendant. You have to pay attention. In the second asylum scene, look carefully. Who is that other attendant next to Bruce?: Quentin Tarantino!

This was a sad but interesting character study of a burned-out Elvis impersonator, played (and written) by Duane Whitaker. I completely believed his character---it's nice when an actor is able to make you forget that they are acting. I thought his performance was strong. And although the ending is sad and it appears that Eddie does not succeed, the point of the movie seems to be that at least he tried and that counts for something---he tried to live his dream instead of staying stuck where he was financially successful but unhappy. Pay attention to the other losers in the film and notice that only Eddie picked himself up and tried again.

Ted Raimi appears and does not die horribly but is his usually goofy self. Hey, Ted!

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