Sunday, October 14, 2007


In which our hero, Bruce, portrays a the last 60 seconds of the movie. Ah, well. Dan Hick stars (Evil Dead II) as well as Sam and Ted Raimi who both die horribly.

Act 1 contains some interesting camera work. I liked the wide shot of the store front, the framing of certain creepy scenes and the use of the "manager's window". The shot from the turning doorknob's perspective gets points for originality.

Act 2 I spent peeking from between my fingers due to extremely gory deaths. (I assume this as I wasn't looking. I'm making my assumptions based on: 1) previous lingering shots on dangerous equipment in Act 1 and 2) the screaming.)

Act 3 starts with the reveal of the true killer and ends, unexpectedly to me, with the innocent being punished.

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