Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Waxwork II: Lost in Time

Waxwork II came bundled with Waxwork I and, thorough reviewer that I am, I watched them both. Ugh! That really wasn't necessary.

Plot: evil man creates waxwork scenes and traps people inside in order to get their souls. The details are truly forgettable but basically if he succeeds, evil rules the earth. He succeeds. Waxwork II deals with the consequences.

Oh yeah---there's time travel, too.

Bruce appears in one of the stories within Waxwork II. Look for plenty of slapstick--this is Bruce from the Evil Dead series: great timing and humor. "It's just a flesh wound." Worth renting and fast-forwarding to his scenes.

No Ted Raimi, but in that same story as Bruce, look for Counselor Troi from ST:TNG.

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